Subscription Publications

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MIMS- the trusted prescription tool: 11 issues a year

MIMS - available as a subscription of 11 issues per year - is a quick and easy reference to the vast majority of branded medicines available on prescription in South Africa. Important abbreviated product information, namely Manufacturer, Nappi Code/s, Price/s, Indications, Schedule, Presentation, Dosage, Contra-indications, Side Effects, Special Precautions and Drug Interactions, makes it the prescriber’s favourite. Thousands of doctors use it daily at the point of prescription when selecting and comparing medicines.


mobiMIMS - MIMS for smartphones and tablets

mobiMIMS is an electronic version of MIMS specifically designed for use on smartphones and Internet-enabled tablet devices. It provides access to all of MIMS’ abbreviated product monographs as an easy-to-use browser-based application, and allows users to browse and search products by active ingredient, product name, MIMS pharmacological classification and manufacturer. mobiMIMS is suitable for all Internet-enabled smartphones and tablet devices, including those running Apple iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS.


eMIMS with up-to-date ICD-10 coding browser

This new desktop product – which updates via the internet – contains electronic MIMS and MDR listings on most brand-name medicines available in South Africa, searchable by product, active ingredient and pharmacological classification. In addition, it features an up-to-date ICD-10 coding browser, patient information on a vast number of medical conditions and procedures, as well as contact details of most major pharmaceutical companies. eMIMS, which requires a minimum operating system of Windows 10, is used offline, although an internet connection is required to register and to download content updates.


IVS - medicines information for vets: 4 issues a year

This quarterly publication contains abbreviated package insert information of most branded veterinary medicines available in South Africa.


The Generics Dictionary (4 issues per annum)

This quarterly publication allows the health-care practitioner to see pertinent information on all the generic medicines for an active ingredient (plus information on the originator) at a glance. Active ingredients are listed alphabetically. Under each active ingredient, trade names, together with their strengths, dosage forms and prices (SEP, MPL, MMAP and MRP) are stated. Should practitioners be unaware of the active ingredient of a particular product, they can look it up in the alphabetical product index.


Subscription Packages

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MIMS & mobiMIMS & MDR & eMIMS 5115,53
MIMS & MDR & eMIMS 3815,53
MIMS & mobiMIMS & MDR 3830,53
MDR & mobiMIMS & eMIMS 2605,00
MIMS & MDR 2520,00
MIMS & mobiMIMS 2620,00
eMims & mobiMIMS 2585,00
MIMS & eMIMS & mobiMIMS 3905,00
MDR & mobiMIMS & Emims 3795,53

Single Publications

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MIMS Desk Reference (MDR) Volume 53

MDR features a combination of fully detailed and abbreviated medicines listings of many pharmaceutical companies in South Africa. Bursting with quality content, MDR also contains comprehensive fast-reference drug tables covering all major pharmacological classifications; a pictorial tablet identification guide; as well as locally relevant guidelines, including the management of acute poisoning ; safe prescribing with regard to children, pregnancy, obesity, porphyria and competitive sport; informed consent in South Africa; and childhood and adult immunisation schedules.


MIMS Guide to OTC Products 2019 - featuring both pharmaceutical and complementary products

The MIMS Guide to OTC Products 2019 is a practical, unique reference guide to common ailments and therapeutic products available without prescription in South African pharmacies. It contains medication, supplementation and lifestyle advice on treating common ailments from A-Z and provides up-to-date, abbreviated package insert information on some 900 branded pharmaceutical medicines, herbal preparations, vitamins and minerals and other complementary supplements. Categories are based mainly on ailments, but also include specialised sections, such as Baby and Toddler Care and Diagnostic Devices. A Suppliers and Services Directory with useful contact details is also included. This comprehensive directory lists suppliers, medical aids, pharmaceutical companies and other affiliated groups, as well as websites.


MIMS companion 9th edition

Published worldwide, MIMS Companion is well recognized as an invaluable diagnostic tool for general practitioners and medical students. This 9th South African edition charts all the stages of a consultation, from the interpretation of symptoms through the physical examination to the pathology tests and clinical signs that support a diagnosis and ultimately to the treatment of the condition.


IVS Desk Reference (IDR Vol 15)

IVS Desk Reference (IDR) contains full product information (as per the approved package insert) on most medicines used daily by veterinarians in South Africa. The entries are cross-referenced to the quarterly IVS publication so products can be used synergistically. IDR also includes: Parasiticide charts; Generic/trade name index; Alphabetical index by product name; General reference information on a range of physiological parameters and normal values for the chemical pathology of domesticated animals.